Link Marketing Made Easy

Create eye-catching branded web links and grow your business.
Add Titles, Descriptions, Personalized URL text, and Images to your web links for maximum effectiveness. Or simply create short links; the choice is yours.

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Your Brand Matters

You have only a few seconds to get their attention.

How do you get someone's attention and keep your branding consistent? Branded Link allows you to use Images, Titles, Descriptions, and Personalized URL text for maximum effectiveness. Links you create never go stale; they are editable at any time.

Every Branded Link is an Opportunity

Distribute your Branded Links and Fill Your Funnel

Branded Links you create are compatible with a variety of applications such as Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Text Messaging, etc. Each link you distribute is a branded portal to your online destinations whatever they may be; e-commerce stores, websites, social media pages, pdfs, landing pages, etc.


Branded Link

Link Marketing Made Easy

Build Your Library

Create a library of branded links you can use over and over again. A/B comparison of links is built into the application. Learn which of your branded links are the best at getting clicks.

Visually Impressive

Go beyond short links and URL slugs. Use images, descriptions, and titles to create fully branded links that look amazing in Slack, Facebook, Outlook, Twitter, and more.

Ad Free

There are no ads or sneaky pixels. Anyone clicking on your branded link proceeds directly to your destination. No advertisements; No sneaky pixels; No extra clicks; Period.

Quick and Easy

Creating a branded link is easy and takes less than a minute. Simply fill in a few details and you're ready to go.


View click history for every link you create. Get a detailed report delivered right to your inbox daily or weekly. A/B link comparison is also part of the Branded Link application.

Dedicated Support

It's our job to provide the highest level of service to you. We will promptly answer any questions you might have with regards to the Branded Link application, Domain Branding, DNS changes (if needed), etc.


Below are just a few screenshots of the Branded Link application and/or branded links.

Thank you Texas Beard Company for the screenshots from their account.

Billing Plans

Subscribe to be billed monthly or choose a yearly subscription for a 16% savings.

Too busy? Let us do the work! Choose the VIP/Managed plan and we'll do the work and post to your social media pages.

Monthly Billing
  • Unlimited Links*
  • Unique shared domain
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 5+ Shared Domain Prefixes
  • 25,000 clicks/month**
per month
Yearly Billing
  • Unlimited Links*
  • Unique shared domain
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 5+ Shared Domain Prefixes
  • 25,000 Clicks/month**
per year
VIP/Managed Plan
  • Too busy?
  • We create your links
  • We distribute for you
  • Weekly reports
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Branded Link will funnel more traffic to your online destinations. I guarantee it. If after distributing your branded links you do not get click traffic I will happily refund your money.
I guarantee click traffic.

Scott Adams
Founder of Branded Link