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Hello and thank you for taking some of your time to learn more about Branded Link. My name is Scott Adams, founder and developer, of the Branded Link application. I've been involved in software engineering since the late 1990's. Do you remember Alta Vista, Lycos, and all that? Seems like just yesterday for me.

I am lucky to have a wonderful family. Unfortunately, in February of 2018 my family was involved in a weather related accident. Fortunately, mommy and all 5 kids have recovered from their broken bones and surgeries. In fact, my 13 year old girl is now (spring 2019) involved in cheerleading and doing backflips!

6 person accident; 5 were children; all have recovered.

More info from the News Story.

The medical bills were substantial and insurance did not cover all of it. Rather than start a GoFundMe page or ask for money, I decided to create an application (Branded Link) that served a real purpose and would help small business owners and other sales/marketing professionals.

Thank you for considering us for your link marketing needs.

My family; all have rec/overed.